Study Abroad

College in Europe. The Adventure of a Lifetime!  

In the past few years Oakridge High School has had the pleasure of attendance by several foreign exchange students. The European countries from which many of these kids come from, have a radically different philosophy when it comes to funding higher education.

In many cases college for Europeans is free.  Often is free for Americans as well.  And you do not need to know the language.  The quality of a European college education is top notch.  And the adventure could be life-changing.  While not for everybody, this option is becoming more and more popular with American High School graduates wary of oppressive American college debt.

In 2016 European foreign exchange students in Senior Current Issues created a Blendspace production to acquaint you with their home state and its collegiate offerings to Americans.

Take a look – you might fine your collegiate dreams overseas.  You would certainly save money!

Go here for Blendspace on College Abroad

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