Useful Scholarship Sights

When jumping on the web and looking for scholarships, you need to be discerning.  There’s a lot of junk out there. Don’t waste your valuable time on junky sights like Fast Web.  Find scholarships that fit your skills specifically …

Below are links to web based college scholarship sites that have been found to be useful.  Remember, always Local first. After that, get to the  Oakridge High School College Advisors Office and check with the Institution that you plan on attending.  Make sure that you apply for every available scholarship through the University Financial Aid office of your collegiate institution once you have been accepted.  Call them, set up an appointment, and go.  Make sure that you take note of the deadlines.  Colleges offer wide array of scholarships and grants to incoming freshman.

Then try these websites as well…  A very good website, provides all sorts of goodies.  It has a deep scholarship bank organized by state, sex, diversity, career choice – all sorts of criteria. But maybe the best option this site offers is a great comparison of the colleges and universities themselves.  The College Search tab allows you to pull up various schools and compare them on all sorts of criteria from size and price, to incoming diversity and ACT scores.  Many of the schools also feature 6:00 videos created by YOUniversityTV.   The videos are cool and get around to places you don’t normally see.  Take a look – you’ll get a good look at the school.

Michigan Only Scholarships – from breaks their offerings down by state.  The Michigan list is a good one.  I’d recommend that you investigate the sight. – This is an excellent national scholarship sight that uses your personal information to link you to scholarships around the nation.  Unlike Fastweb (which I don’t recommend)  most all of the scholarships at Sallie mae are reliable.  By creating a personal profile the sight increases your opportunity for scholarships that fit YOU.  Just go to the link – START HERE – and create a profile.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development This is a pretty eclectic site.  It will link you up with challenging scholarships, searching for young people who are truly trying to make a difference in the world.  You might find something unique to your talents here. – Seems to be a solid site at providing you advice in completing scholarship applications.  Their suggestions on essay writing and interviewing are useful.  They provide a list of links that take you to other websites that provide additional scholarship offerings. is worth a good long look.

Whatever you do – make sure to check if you qualify for the  T.I.P. Scholarship.  


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