Essential Info about T.I.P.

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Michigan’s Tuition Incentive Program is one of the most valuable financial assistance programs that Oakridge students can qualify for.  It is a Federal government plan administered thru the state and it is needs based.  If you have qualified for Medicaid for 24 months in any 36 month period since eighth grade – even if you went off of Medicaid – you may qualify for the T.I.P.    The financial assistance is extensive…so talk to your parents and our counseling center to make sure if you meet the criteria.

  • T.I.P. has two phases –
  • Phase One – which is accepted by some universities and almost all Community Colleges in Michigan (MCC & GRCC included)  covers tution and fees for two years.  The dollar amount will vary depending upon the college you are attending.  At MCC TIP covers up to 24 credit hours per year at $85 per credit hour.  At Northern and Ferris the dollar amount will be much higher.
  • Phase Two – pays for tuition up to $2000 ($500 per semester) at a number of state universities for years three and four after you have completed two years of college.  CMU. EMU, WMU, UM take phase two.
  • Phase One & Phase Two –  a few schools, of which Ferris State University and Northern Michigan University are included, honor BOTH Phase One and Phase Two.  If you qualify for T.I.P. and are accepted into Northern or Ferris, a large majority of your college tuition costs will be covered by this scholarship.

So…make sure that you know all there is to know about the T.I.P.  If you receive the scholarship keep in touch with the financial aid offices at your college after you are accepted in order to make sure that it is renewed each year.  Check with your university to see if you have further requirements.  Also, if you qualify for T.I.P. you are probably eligible for a PELL Grant as well.  If so, and T.I.P. pays for tuition, you are free to use the PELL for room and board and living expenses.  Any funds leftover are yours for living expenses.  The T.I.P. Scholarship is probably the best education safety net that is available in the state of Michigan.  Make sure to find out if you qualify, and if you do, take full advantage of it!

 Remember you cannot get the T.I.P. unless you first fill out the F.A.F.S.A.  


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