OHS Scholarships


Go here for a Blendspace link for Scholarship Opportunities.

Always go local first.   The Blendspace linked above will provide you with regularly updated local and locally linked scholarship opportunities.  Make special note of due dates for every scholarship that you intend to apply for.

The advantage of going local is simple.  Less competition increases your odds of being successful.  So always do the local stuff first.  Always Community Foundation and Building A Better World. Always anything with a Muskegon connection. And then branch out into areas that are specific to your strengths.  Finally make sure that you apply for everything available at your targeted collegiate destination.

In addition to the Blendspace  try this link for other useful scholarship sights.  While there are a lot of scholarship search sites out there on the web, many are a waste of time.  Those linked above are unique and provide you the opportunity to apply for a scholarship that highlights your strengths and/or life situation.