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Put out by the Oakridge Counseling Center, this newsletter highlights local scholarships and is an excellent source for digging up scholarship money.

Winter 2014 OHS Scholarship Newsletter

The Oakridge High School Scholarship Newsletter will be featuring updates of new scholarships through the end of the school year.    Most of these scholarships will be limited to competition at Oakridge only, so your chance of winning is pretty good.  Don’t miss out on these new posts and check regularly since deadlines will be fast approaching.

OHS Winter 2014 Scholarship Newsletter

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Winter 2012 – OHS Scholarship Newsletter

If you cannot access the Newsletter above please go to this PDF .

The Oakridge Counseling Center provides a quarterly newsletter which highlights information on local scholarship opportunities.  This newsletter comes complete with online links to each particular scholarship.  Go to that link and read up on the scholarship in question, note the deadlines, and complete the application.

Often students get all caught up in looking online for Fast Web type scholarships.  That’s fine, however you must realize that the pool that you are competing with for these grants is a national audience.  Your chances of winning scholarship moneys are best found through the Oakridge Counseling Center.  Do ANYTHING that is local to Oakridge only first.  Often, very few people even apply.  So, make a plan, check deadlines, set up a calendar and get cracking on the local stuff.

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