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We will post various news and editorials that will broaden your knowledge of the entire collegiate funding dilemma. If you find a story that relates to the topic please send it to us and we will be glad to post it.

Winter 2014 OHS Scholarship Newsletter

The Oakridge High School Scholarship Newsletter will be featuring updates of new scholarships through the end of the school year.    Most of these scholarships will be limited to competition at Oakridge only, so your chance of winning is pretty good.  Don’t miss out on these new posts and check regularly since deadlines will be fast approaching.

OHS Winter 2014 Scholarship Newsletter

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Great News for Parents – $2500 tax credit for college extended

Go here for great news on American Opportunity Tax Credit.

Or here for guidelines on the credit from the IRS.

Read the above article.  Talk to the individual who helps you with your taxes – make sure to take advantage of this credit.

Lord knows there is a lot of bad news when it comes to paying for college.  The American Opportunity Tax Credit, formerly the Hope Scholarship, provides a glimmer of good news for 2013.  President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the stimulus package) began these reforms, and the avoidance a tumble over the fiscal cliff kept them in tact for another year.  And now it is tax time – make sure that you take advantage of the advantages that this tax credit provides you and your family.  And if you have kids going to college next Fall make sure to file early and take care of the FAFSA as soon as possible.

  1. The tax credit has grown from $1800 to $2500 per year.
  2. While it used to be you could claim it for only two years…now you can take it for four.
  3. The tax credit is up to 40% refundable.  After you subtract it from your tax obligation – you can receive an actual refund.
  4. Used to be for tuition and fees only.  Now it includes course materials and computers.
  5. You qualify if your adjusted gross income is below $80,000 single or $160,000 married.
  6. There are ways to allow your child (college student) to take the tax credit.  Do some research on that.


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No Pell, No T.I.P. No worries…try WESCO

OK…so you’re going to college next Fall and you got a financial aid package back from your school and its not so good.  No Pell.  No T.I.P.  No Grants or Scholarships.  Just loans.  Don’t jump yet.   Try applying  for a job at WESCO.  They have a great tuition reimbursement program.

Here’s how it works.  You must average at least 25 hours a week during the time that you are enrolled in college to qualify.   At the end of the semester if you have worked the minimum of 25 hours you receive the following reimbursement for your grades in the form of a bonus.

  • For A’s – 100% tuition reimbursement
  • For B’s – 75% tuition reimbursement
  • For C’s – 50% tuition reimbursement
  • Maximum reimbursement semester $1500 – full school year $3000.

The reimbursement only counts for money that YOU spent.  So if your tuition is being paid for by a grant or a scholarship or financial aid, that portion won’t come back to you.  However, if you are taking out loans to go to school, or paying out of pocket you qualify.

Since you may not work 25 hours a week at WESCO if you are under 18 years of age,  you must be 18 to qualify for this reimbursement program.  However, if you’d like to get the jump on the program and you are 17 you can apply to WESCO as a shelf stocker and qualify for tuition reimbursement when you turn 18.  If you are junior think ahead and apply NOW!

Go online for immediate available WESCO job openings or you can apply at the individual stores in your area.  If you’re interested in a particular stor and their are no immediate openings – go anyhow…you never know when jobs will become available.  There are quite a few Oakridge graduates managing WESCO stores and working at WESCO in the Muskegon area.  Give it a shot if you’re looking for ways to pay for college…it’s a nice option.

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Three More “Oakridge Only” Coming Around the Corner

Hey kids there’s still a lot of money out there.  Three “OHS only” scholarships are due up in the next two weeks.

#1 – April 27Rich McCarthy Scholarship – $1000

#2 – May 1 – Building A Better World Scholarship – ($3000)  three separate $1000

#3 – May 4 – Oakridge Alumni Scholarship – $250

Don’t drool your way to the end of the school year just yet…there’s money to be had!


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The Five Year Plan; Why its OK to be a Super Senior

Don’t think that you must finish college in four 17 credit a semester no repeat, no mistake crammed years.  Stuff happens…you know?  On this blog from Kayla Herrera from Michigan Tech talks about adjusting on the run and finishing in five.  Read it…maybe you won’t be so stressed out.

You can find the full article on  

Everything is blooming and trees are awakening with widening leaves stretching up toward the sky. The birds are chirpingand don’t forget the sound of graduation gowns sweeping across the floor! I should be graduating this year but like so many other college students my age, I have been thrown more than a few curveballs in my time in school and I have another year to go before I can enter into the workforce full-time. I want to assure you that this is okay and completely normal!

Here at Michigan Tech, we have a five-year plan. In order to graduate from Michigan Tech in four years, one must take 18 credits every semester, not includingsummer semesters. Not a fan of killing yourself with bookspapersexams, labs and a part-time job and would prefer to enjoy your time in college? That mentality is adopted by most students atMichigan Tech, making those who graduate in four years or fewer the minority.

Let’s face it – things happen: You change your major and have some serious catching up to do in prerequisite classes, you have a death in the family, youbecome seriously ill and take a semester off, or you just want to study abroad for a while. And that’s all more than fine, people! Yes, money is a huge issue (you can combat this by finding as many scholarships and grants as possible!) but at least we didn’t develop serious illnesses because of stress in an overworkededucational environment!

My advice? Take it easy and give yourself time to soak in all of the newinformation you are learning. Remember, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior for needing to stay in school for an extra year or two. There are colleges out there, just like mine, where the majority of students are on five-year plans – you just have to find them.

In addition to being a virtual intern, Michigan Tech student Kayla Herrera is a media coordinator for the Michigan Tech Youth Programs and is a writer for The Daily News in Iron Mountain, Mich., and WHOA Magazine. She love a tantalizing, action-packed video game and can’t get enough of horror movies (Stephen King’s books always have her in their grip, though she prefers the old over the new). Writing is what she has always done, and that is what she is here to do.

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